Plasticizers & Environment

What is a plasticizer?

A plasticizer is known as common additive that gives flexibility to plastics, mainly for polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
PVC is the most widely utilized plastic in everyday life in the world, because of the various reasons such as high durability, high hygiene, better resources saving, and lower impact on the environment.
Even though plain PVC resin is very hard, it can be utilized as being hard or soft depending on your purpose by adding certain volume of plasticizer, such as soft PVC hoses, artificial leathers and wallpapers.
Since plasticizer is used for various application as an additive for such PVC, it can be recognized as one of the most primal chemical substances in our life.
Theoretically, suitable plasticizers can be synthesized by combining various acids and alcohols.

Environment and Safety

As you know, Environment and Safety is the most concerned issue on this planet, and so it is understood that research and study related to plasticizer is also highly important. As one of members of Japan Plasticizer Industry Association (JPIA), we are contributing to such activities cooperated with the world plasticizer associations for a long period. You can see the results of such research and accumulated data about phthalates in detail and find its safety on the JPIA website.
We will continue such research and study and make our best effort to clarify the safety of plasticizers with scientific basis.